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SDSU Basketball: No. 7 SDSU vs. USU

A great article on SDSU Basketball. Read up on your college basketball team to get ready for March Madness.

San Diego Sports Domination

The San Diego State Aztecs will travel to Logan, Utah to take on the Utah State Aggies at Dee Glen Smith Spectrum (10,270) this Saturday. The Aztecs (17-1; 6-0 Mountain West) will enter Saturday’s game as the favorites against Utah State (12-6; 2-4 Mountain West). The starting five for the Aztecs will be JJ O’Brien, Josh Davis, Skylar Spencer, Winston Shepard and Xavier Thames. The players to watch in Saturday’s game are Xavier Thames, Winston Shepard and Josh Davis. Xavier Thames enters the game against USU averaging 16.9 points and 2.8 rebounds in 18 games this season. Winston Shepard enters the game against USU averaging 13.1 points and 5.2 rebounds in 17 games this season. Josh Davis enters the game against USU averaging 9.1 points and 11.5 rebounds in 17 games this season.

The Aztecs are still trying to improve with shooting from the floor and behind the arc. The Aztecs are shooting 43.9% from the floor…

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San Diego Sports Domination

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Coaching Agency

Hello everyone!

For the last few months I’ve been thinking about starting my own business. Well, recently I’ve started to realize that i’m almost out of college and it is the prime time to get things rolling. So last week, I decided to start it up!

It is JB Sports Performance

We are on Facebook( and Twitter( Like and follow us.

It’s the biggest leap of faith I’ve ever taken. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty scary. Some doubt grow  each day. Anxiety that chokes me with each breath I take. waiting to see if this jump was well worth it. But I know this is something I wanted to do. This is something I can create. This business is something I can call my own.

With that, I will end with this quote and video:

Finish what you’ve started and never give up.

Derek Redmond Finishes the race.


New Year Goals

Well, it’s the new year and people are out there making resolution in hope to better themselves. I personally don’t like resolutions, because we tend to stray away from what we want (ie. lose weight, wake up earlier, get straight A’s. etc.). I prefer to make New Year Goals! The reason being is that it give me a reason to keep going and striving for what I want. I can create little sub goals that will allow me to achieve the bigger picture, which of course is the most important part.  I can go on and on about this, but I prefer not to. Anyways, here are my new year goals (in no particular order) along with subgoals.

1. Get my business rolling.

– Obtain clientele

– Create a website

– Find a location

– Obtain investors and capital

– incorporate social media (twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

2. Back squat 200KG

– Front Squat 180KG +

– C&J 165 – 170KG

– Snatch 125-130KG

– Clean 170KG

– Jerk 170KG

– Compete more this year.

3. Graduate (haha)

– Finish strong in my last full year of college

4. Get better at singing

– do my vocal warmups everyday. even if it is just in the car

– Practice, practice, practice

5. Make more friends.

– Meet people interesting in my classes

– Keep my current friendships

– Meet people at competitions

These are my main goals for the year. For my lifts, there are subgoals to those subgoals, but yeah that’s it!